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We aim to deliver an expert detailing services you can rely on with competitive outsourcing rates.

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Using the Latest BIM 3D Modelling software Tekla Structures we are able to fully develop and produce advanced working models with the design intent at the core of each project. The software achieves Greater Accuracy, Increased Productivity and Superior Project Control, keeping the design team informed and satisfied that the build is exactly as they envisioned.


Now with new Model Share Capability

added to our company we can easily

work on any projects around the world

as part of your team, delivering additional

resources to your projects as and when

you need them.


If you have any other questions email us or give us a call if you wish to discuss any other requirements you may have.

We offer a highly skilled team of steel design technicians completing contracts of all levels of complexity and sizes, scroll down to see a few reasons why we feel OD3 Engineering tower above all of our competitors and bring BIM outsource to the next level.

1.   Advanced Tekla Structures steel detailer's with over 20 years’ experience on your team.

2.   Provide detailed fabrication and GA drawings to reduce errors in the workshop and delays on-site.

3.   Produce highly accurate material lists to ensure waste is kept to a minimum when ordering.

4. Provide NC files for CNC all exported from a fully 3D BIM model.

5.   CE Standard drawing and report templates available with your logo.

6.   Material take off services instantly freeing resources in your estimating department.

7.   Save your company expense on idle wages, training and licensing fees.

8.   Video link capability for design meeting and model reviewing.

9. Local customer support on call for missing content or problem resolution.

10. You can concentrate on running your workshop and secure new business.

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