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Next Generation Take Off

Another very popular service we provide to our clients by using Tekla Structures we are able to create highly accurate take off’s providing the edge over their competitors.

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Welcome to the next generation BIM Take-off service.

by rapid model building based on engineering tender drawings.

we will provide highly accurate material list in Microsoft excel format.

and produce rendered images of model in .png format along with the 3D model in pdf format all to accompany your quotation.

using this service will set your quotation miles ahead of your competitors and stand out against your competition with new and existing customers.

Free your resources in house to chase work

Impress your contractors with fast proactive pricing

We provide a fast & accurate Quantifying Service you can trust, providing a structured take off package where your only input is adding your rates and securing new work.


If you have any other questions email us or give us a call if you wish to discuss any other requirements you may have and take advantage of this cutting edge service today.

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