Effectively designing and checking fully loaded complex connections all under one roof for much faster approval times, vastly increased fabricator confidence and completely eliminating dependence of third parties connection design.

For client confidence and security we hold professional indemnity insurance to the value of £2,000,000.

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Using numerous design checks & model load testing techniques we can design the most safe and cost effective connection possible.


Using checks such as:

  • Stress/ Strain Analysis
  • Equivalent Stress & Deforming checks
  • Stiffness Analysis
  • Member Capacity Design
  • Buckling Analysis
  • Design Joint Resistance

We can design and provide the most safe and cost effective connection possible along with all design and calculation reports.

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Our design technicians have SCI stell knowledge membership and are highly competent in connection design to Eurocode standards.

Free your resources in house to chase work.
Impress your contractors with fast proactive pricing.

We provide a fast & accurate Quantifying Service you can trust, providing a structured take off package where your only input is adding your rates and securing new work.

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