Our Values

We aim to deliver an expert detailing services you can rely on.

Our Principles

Attention to detail is key to our success. It is our drive to have the highest skilled people ingrained in our deliverables. We commit to providing our team with cutting edge software, quarterly advanced training and continually improve the quality and workflows of our deliverables to be at the top of our game.

Our Mission

To revolutionise digital engineering design services bringing constructible models to the forefront of the approval process, we believe in delivering high skill and knowledge at a world stage.


All our technicians have direct contact lines and use Microsoft Teams to hold regular design meetings and troubleshooting sessions if any issues ever arise. We hold ourselves proud of our reputation to be responsive and fast-acting.


Every member of our team are highly motivated and have high regard for protocol especially when it comes to approval status and workflows. We take your project from concept to completion


We strive to be the best at what we do and for us to achieve this we need to be dynamic and continually develop our deliverables and workflows to increase the accuracy, speed and quality of our deliverables. This year we are in the process of implementing cloud-based tools to proactively programme and track all projects, giving our clients a complete overview of their project and provision of accurate time of completion.


We take great pride in our team and furthering their skills for continued career development within OD3 Advanced BIM. This year have committed to quarterly advanced training programmes to have all detailers steel detailers fully Certified in 2021 by Tekla Structures UK.


Fabricator in focus, when detailing any project this is always front and centre of every project. we understand fabrication techniques and value engineering is critical especially with demanding programmes an tight schedules, we hold weekly even daily reviews with the fabricator to ensure we are on track with their requirements.